Dune, by Frank Herbert

The release of a new movie adaptation of Dune by Frank Herbert in October of 2021 had a lot of people dusting off their old copies of the book and waxing nostalgic about this epic work of science fiction that many had lost themselves in reading years ago. And apparently many others were inspired to read it for the first time, because copies with the newer cover were hard to come by at the library and available in all kinds of special formats on Amazon — from single paperbacks, to deluxe hardcovers, to full sets of books 1-6 and beyond.

Our group tackled it with some trepidation, and in the end, those who liked science fiction and remembered reading it way-back-when still loved it for its elaborate world-building. Those who were not already into the genre seemed to struggle with it, although I think we were all glad to have given it a try. We in the BBB pride ourselves on not shying away from a reading challenge, and Dune was certainly that!

Enough people love this book that its legacy has not only endured but flourished since its original publication in 1956, hence the new adaptation in 2021 starring the VERY popular Timotheé Chalamet. This article from The New Yorker explains some of that unique appeal among its millions of fans: “Dune” Endures

Julie Feirer

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